Response to “What the Facebook Is Going on Here”

I recently read “What the Facebook Is Going on Here?” on I was interested by the cynicism of the author, but realized that most of the advertisers and marketers that I have met and worked with are just as confused and annoyed by how to break through to the new media that youth are using and that are continually growing.

Maybe its because I was part of the first stage of Facebook. I remember writing in requests to Facebook for them to add the University of Minnesota to the ever growing roster of schools that had Facebook and being elated when it was finally available – A perfect viral campaign. Maybe its because I see the addition of online advertising, social networks, texting and all of the new interactive vehicles as a challenge. But to me, the answer is fairly simple.

Advertisers are currently relying on Facebook to offer up advertising solutions, but the best advertisements that break through the clutter and grab the attention of their audience are those who do not wait. Facebook is already a social network why aren’t advertisers using it as such? Perhaps its too much work? Perhaps they are focusing on controlling and infiltrating blogging posts (individual online microcommunities) instead of communicating through Facebook (An online Macrocommunity where Microcommunities converge). To me, Facebook seems like an easier solution.

Yes, Facebook Branding Pages and Facebook Groups have been done and have already been written off as ineffective. Yes, Microsoft offers banner ads and skyscrapers, but everyone knows how ineffective most banner ads are. In the case of the banner ads Microsoft is also charging much too much for a mostly ineffective media. Another option is purchasing Flyer ads, however, these ads are extremely time consuming and ineffective on their own as well.

My solution? Advertising and Marketing professionals have already shown that integrated media platforms are the most effective way to reach audiences and that today’s youth is looking for two-way communication. Advertising to them isn’t enough. Youth want to interact with the advertiser: build a relationship, ask questions, and build trust. They want to know that there is an actual truth to advertising, that its not just a pretty facade that some marketer or advertiser created to sell, sell sell! Facebook offers this, so why aren’t Marketers and Advertisers tapping into it? Here’s how…

Mobile Marketing (Text Messaging, MMS, SMS), YouTube, and other viral media (Digg, StumbleUpon, etc.) are also Media that are popular among the youth demographic and leave most advertising professionals scratching their heads. My next articles will address how to effectively use these platforms. Guerrilla advertising will also be addressed in the future.

However, it is important to remember that no matter what media is used it will only be effective if the messaging is true to the brand image and fundamental beliefs of the brand. If a brand pretends to be something that its not, your target market will see through it and will expose you – Not a situation you want to find yourself in. So before you create a campaign, it is important to see how you are perceived by your target market, identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Its also important to complete a honest competitive analysis and determine your USP (Unique Selling Proposition). By following these steps and taking a hard look at your business from your consumers’ perspective, it is possible to create successful advertising and marketing campaigns and create a market where your competition can’t compete.

-Sara Summers(The Eternal Optimist)


Sara is an advertising and marketing professional who is currently looking for the next step in her career.

Sara would like to use her skills, experience, and intrinsic abilities to derive creatively driven strategic solutions for her next employer and their clients. She would like to cultivate, manage and maintain relationships with her clients and genuinely connect with them to meet and exceed internal and client business objectives.

If you know or hear of any opportunities that you think would be a good fit for Sara, or if you would like to discuss her experience further, please don’t hesitate to contact her at


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