3D and 4D Movies of the Future

Is anyone else psyched about 3D and as I like to call it the upcoming 4D movies? Yes, I’m aware that there is no such thing as 4D ūüôā It’s what I like to call the experiential movie theatres of the future. Have you even been to Disney World? Specifically the experiential Alien Ride where you feel like the alien is breathing on your neck? Well, it seems that there are some movie theatres in the US that are moving in this direction. Not only will the movie be featured in 3D, but you will actually experience the movie with more than just your eyes and ears.¬†With the integration of additional senses the movies truly will be an experience you cannot get in your home.

Some of the 3D movies coming out in 2009:
Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience (Disney)
UP (Disney)
G-FORCE (Disney)
Toy Story (Disney)
Disney’s A Christmas Carol (Disney)
Monsters vs. Aliens
TINTIN (Spielberg)

There is technology that allows you to see 3D at home now: The DepthQ¬ģ-WXGA HD 3D Video Projector. This is why I’m thinking that 4D is the next wave in Movie Theatre¬†Technology.


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