A Multi-tasker’s World of Organized Chaos

Organized Chaos is a world where things may not be neat, but they are orderly and extremely efficient. It’s also a world that not many outsiders understand. Those who believe in organized chaos are extremely creative and strategic individuals. They may not use the traditional filing system because in their world they are mastering 1000 things at once. They are the definition of a multi-tasker. This creatively strategic person has realized to optimize their time and to create the most efficient work atmosphere for multitasking, one must be able to seamlessly move from one project to the next and back. The multi-tasker is extremely efficient with her time and project oriented. Although this individual is able to move from one project to the other without completion, she realized that the time it takes to put away an incomplete project decreases productivity. After all, she will just have to pull the file again when she goes back to it in an hour. Her solution instead is to have all of her ongoing tasks within reach to allow for seamless transition between those projects. Only when the project is complete, can the multi-tasker can file that project away in a traditional manner.


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