How To: Merchandise to Sell

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After a tradeshow, when you recieve you receive your new products, there is an excitement. But how can you best merchandise them to entice potential customers into the store and drive sales? Here are a few simple  techniques to help you sell all of your new trade show finds!

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1.  Focal Points

You want to keep your consumers interested and draw their eyes to specific focal points. Use an odd number of objects to draw the eye. The asymmetry will cause the eye to move between the odd number of items. Adding  a variety of levels will add to the display’s interest. Create levels by hanging objects, using pedestals, sectioning areas off, or drawing shoppers’ attention with frames.

2.  Patterns & Colors


The goal is to highlight the product, so place complimentary colors and patterns together. Use color and location blocking to draw the eye to the display. For example, most of the time, a bold pattern background can pull away from the product, but if used as an accent and blocked with a solid color, it may assist in drawing the eye. Here’s an example of how we do this in our Painted Poises Collection.

3.  Space & Size

Use the space you have wisely to create interest in your store and displays. Place the large items first to make sure the items are the right size for the space. If they’re too small for the space, consider adding to your display and creating a theme by adding additional product that fit that theme, creating multiple focal points of interest, or creating a bundle to make it more robust. But remember, you want to fill the space without adding clutter. One way to ensure this is by keeping negative space around the product; in other words, don’t place other objects around the product you’re highlighting. This empty space will draw the consumers’ eyes to the product.

4.  Complimentary Bundles

LB_SIG_COLOR_2_JustInStyle_Social_no words

Create product bundles that compliment each other. This could mean visually creating a product set, highlighting a collection, or developing an outfit that is on-trend and a must have. When you create these bundles, look at size, shape, color, pattern, texture, and function to decide what works best to draw the eye. Here’s how Bags & Bows took some of our products and put them together. Visit our Look Book for additional examples on how we created complimentary bundles.

5.  Package to WOW!


Packaging is part of merchandising your store. It makes an impact. Your customer and potential customers associate your packaging with the quality and brand of your store. It identifies your brand, making it stand out from the crowd, while your colors invoke certain emotions. Packaging also serves a function. It gets your product into your consumer’s hands and to their destination safely in a way that is easy to transport. For example, Bags & Bows sells products that will keep your truffles from tipping  while showing them off.

Assess How You Did

It’s hard to assess one’s own work. This trick will help you determine how you did. Look at one of your displays. Close your eyes. When you open them, your eyes will naturally be drawn to something. Is it your product or something else? Adjust your showcase until your eyes go where you want them to.

Originally written for and posted to Bags & Bows Blog.


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