A Guide to Understanding Facebook Insights

According to the Social Media Examiner’s most recent Social Media Marketing Industry Report, 86% of marketers indicate that social media is important for their business.

Social Media examiner image

However, Only 37% of marketers (slightly more than one in three) think that their Facebook efforts are effective. This may be because 74% were unable or uncertain of how to measure their social activities.

So how do you measure social media? That’s what this article is all about – Facebook Insights.

What are Facebook Insights?

According to Facebook, “Page admins are interested in understanding if people are engaging with the content they publish. To help them with this, Facebook provides Page admins aggregated anonymous insights about people’s activity on their Page. ” In other words, metrics. A way to track and measure your success on Facebook.

Where Are Facebook Insights Found?

Go to your Company Page. At the top, before you start seeing your Posts, there is an ‘Admin Panel’ that looks like this:

Admin Panel Insights

What Data Can Facebook Insights Offer?

Facebook Insights provide charts, graphs and data on Tabs including Likes, Reach, Visits, Posts and People. You can look at this data by clicking on each tab or further dissecting the data via the ‘Export Data’ option.

Admin Insights Panel - Header - Export Circle

Admin Insights Panel - Export Insights Data

Data can be exported as an excel file or as a .CSV file. Page Level and Post Level Insights are separated into separate reports. Additionally, the data can only go back several months per export. The ability to export data allows you to slice and dice your data differently than the Facebook Insights Template Reports. It’s also a valuable feature when you are presenting your Facebook findings to individuals who are not Admins on your Business Account.

However, one notable benefit of working within the Facebook Insights interface is that the graphs are interactive. The Likes, Reach and Visits Tabs offer an adjustable Timeline at the top so you can look at cumulative data much like the one seen in the Export Insights data.  In other words, If you click on the graph and drag over a piece of data you’d like to examine more closely, like a spike in your results, as seen below, highlighted in gray.

Admin Insights Panel - Post Reach - Highlighted

When you release the mouse those results will pop up at the post level so you can take a closer look at that particular data set’s Post Type, Targeting, Reach, Engagement and if you ‘boosted’ your posts with paid promotion, it will show the amount of money spent. By clicking to see results, Facebook Insights further breaks down that data by Paid Reach of the Total Reach listed above, Budget, Engagement broken out into Type, Age/Gender, Country, as well as Audience and Payment information.

Admin Insights Panel - Posts - Active Posts - Paid Results Zoomed In - Circle

Another interactive graph dissection is through the use of benchmarks. With this tool you’re able to compare a Business Page’s average performance over time. Select the benchmark comparison by selecting from the menu on the right side of the graph, as seen below.

Admin Insights Panel - Reach - Paid Benchmarks - Circle

The best way to understand Facebook Insights and your Company’s Facebook Insights data is through experience. Delve into the tool and learn from doing. However, if you’d like additional information on the Facebook Insight’s Tool, Facebook has created a video highlighting the key features.


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