Convert Facebook Insights into Action

Sherlock computer

Sherlock Holmes was a great detective, not because he could find and identify evidence at the scene, but because of his deductive reasoning and ability to look at information and take action in order to solve crimes. In the same way, a good Facebook Analyst is familiar with Facebook Insights,  understands Facebook Insights’ Terms, and perhaps even uses Facebook Insights for reporting trends. But, a GREAT Facebook analyst uses that data to create actionable items to improve their company’s Business Page.

So how do you convert Facebook Insights into action? In this article, I’ll explain how to convert Facebook Insights on two of the most interesting reports – the People Tab and Post Tab – and turn that information into action.


The ‘People Tab can’ answer the following questions:

  • Does your fanbase on Facebook match your customer base?
  • Who is your message reaching?
  • Who is engaging with your content?

facebook fanbase stats

By clicking on the ‘Your Fans’ tab, you’ll be able to see if your Facebook fanbase matches your customer base. If not, encourage your existing customers to become your fans by including social share buttons on your website, adding your Facebook URL (i.e. to your emails, on your business cards, your marketing collateral and even in your retail location (if you have one).

Within the ‘People Tab’, you can see who your posts are reaching and who is engaging with your business on the ‘People Reached’ and ‘People Engaged’ sub-tabs. If your posts aren’t reaching or resonating with the right people, ask yourself if you need to change what you’re saying or how you’re saying it in your communications with your target audience.

Facbook Ad BoostThe ‘People Tab’ will also give you some indication on how you should target your boosted posts. If your Facebook fanbase isn’t your business’ target audience, you don’t want to target “People who like your Page and their friends” as your amplified post will reach more of the wrong people. However, if your customer base matches your fanbase, this is a great way to boost a post.

The second targeting option is “People you choose through targeting”. This option allows you to select the demographic by Location (Countries, Regions, or Cities), Age, Gender, and Interests. Depending on the interest you select, the “Estimated People Reached” will adjust, and Facebook will also recommend similar interests to those already selected.


On your ‘Post Tab’ you can learn answers to various questions like:

  • Are you reaching your fans when they are online?
  • Is the content you’re developing relevant to them?
  • What were your best posts and how can you learn from them?

Facebook - When fans are online

When posting on your Facebook Page, consider what days you are boosting your Facebook posts. If you’re not posting to your page when your fans are online, you are missing out on an opportunity to reach your audience. This might also contribute to who is engaging with your business on the ‘People Tab.’

You can also determine what kind of posts resonate best with your fanbase on the ‘Post Types’ sub-tab. Is your audience more likely to interact with a Photo, Link, or Status post? If the type of post that you are primarily creating doesn’t match up with your highest engagement, you may want to rethink your content strategy and develop more content based on your engagement rate.

Facebook - Type of Posts

In addition to the ‘People and Post Tabs’, Facebook Insights also offers information within the ‘Visits, Reach and Like Tabs’ – which we’ll cover next week.  Until then, grab your cloak and pipe and dig in!


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