How A Cosmetic Business Wins Over Its Online Customers


Aromi is a boutique fragrance and cosmetic company that specializes in products that are handmade with the finest raw materials. The founder, Hannah Follis, a chemist by trade, is passionate about creating handmade fragrances, cosmetics, and beauty products.

Owner-Hannah-Follis-in-aromi-flamenco-red-liquid-lipstick-on-suburban-faux-paus-225x300Aromi has vendors that carry their products, or “stockists”, as
Hannah calls them, in 9 states, but also sells her products online via ecommerce on Aromi’s website and Etsy. However, Hannah goes beyond the typical ecommerce site to promote Aromi online. Below are three tips to successfully promote your business online and how Aromi does it.

1)    Leverage Your Strengths

Beauty products lend itself to beautiful imagery and Hannah has taken full advantage of her visual product line. She goes beyond the typical product shots, showcasing her portfolio by incorporating nature, using models and creating collage layouts to add interest. This tactic is particularly effective with more innovative products like Aromi Liquid Lipstick.  As potential buyers may be unfamiliar with what a “liquid lipstick” is, the photography illustrates how the product goes on like a traditional lip gloss and dries to a completely matte, smudge-proof finish.


2)    Differentiate Your Product

mens-collogne-1024x853Aromi differentiates itself from other beauty products because the products are homemade and vegan. However, another unique marketing technique that lends itself to online virality is the way Hannah names the products, particularly her solid colognes. All of the Aromi [men’s] colognes are named after things one can call a man including a “Sweet Dude”, a funny name given by her significant other. Hannah says that the way the colognes are named, “they offer a great way to personalize a gift, as the gift giver can match the name of the cologne to the receiver”.

3) Partner with Like-Minded Companies

Another tactic Hannah uses in marketing Aromi is partnering with blogs and beauty boxes like Petit Vour to increase her marketing reach and brand awareness on and offline.

As you can see from Aromi’s example, leveraging your strengths, differentiating your product, and partnering with similar businesses can give your small business an edge over the competition.


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