4 Tips to Succeed at Social Media Marketing

socialmedia2 (1)73% of online adults use social networking sites and 78% of small businesses attract new customers through social media. Don’t let your business be left behind; with these tips you’ll be on social media and attracting new customers in no time.

1.  Choose the Network(s) that fit(s) your business

Social explained

Below are a few questions to ask to help you figure out the right social media network(s) for your business.

  • Who is your target audience? What social media platforms are they on? There’s no point in being somewhere they aren’t.

Facebook Pro-tip: Upload your email marketing list into Facebook’s Custom Audience Tool to discover which of your current customers are on Facebook.Twitter-Screen-Shot1


Twitter Pro-tip: Find your customers with the Discover Tab in Twitter by searching your existing business email address book.

  • Do I have a brick and mortar? Customers can tag their location on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Foursquare.
  • Do I have a visual product? Pinterest, Instagram, and SnapChat are image based platforms. However, the majority of social media platforms have the ability to upload images and this helps with social media engagement.
  • Do I have videos or presentations to share? YouTube hosts videos that can be shared to other social media platforms, while SlideShare is a great place to host your presentations

2.  Be Planful


Create a Content Calendar for your blog and social media content posts so you can plan out your content and stick to a regular posting schedule. One blog post can provide content for numerous days on social media, so start small with one blog post a week.

3.  Post Engaging Content and Interact 


Social media gives business owners an opportunity to have a two-way communication with their fans and followers. This means that instead of speaking at customers, as traditional advertising oftentimes does, in social media you are speaking to them. You are asking for their input to engage in the content you are posting. To help you communicate this way, use the 80/20 rule.  80% of the content you publish in the social space should be engaging content that is entertaining or informative, while only 20% should be product/service related. Do this by providing content to better your consumers’ and customers’ lives – tips, tricks, trends, how-tos, and even spotlighting your consumers. For example, if you are a trendy clothing retailer, you may post tips on how to wear the newest fashions with visuals, or if you sell furniture, how to use accent pieces to bring a room together.

4.  Optimize your message

Optimizing your message is two-fold. It means creating messaging that follows the rules (e.g. character limits, repinning etiquette, etc.), leverages the unique language of social media by using hashtags, tagginglink shorteners, etc. and sizing images appropriately to best fit each network. Below is a great infographic to use as a Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet as you set up your branding on your social media networks.

Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet

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