How to Host a Lucrative Event

vegas event

Every November, Acesse hosts our annual corporate event in Las Vegas. At our most recent conference, we had close to 700 attendees from 16 countries attended this year, making it our largest US conference to date!

Event marketing can be a dynamic way to interact with your customers, especially if you are focused on selling to other small businesses. Regalix recently reported that in 2014, 91% of B2B marketers say they invested some budget in events and most saw somewhat significant (33%) to significant (57%) acceleration in lead generation and sales pipeline growth.

Make your next event a success with these 4 event tips to increase your sales pipeline.

Be Motivational

Select customers to give testimonials that inspire attendees to reach the next level.

Testimonials from the field can be more compelling than hearing from your company. Think of it as a 3rd party vetting your product or service. They have had such a positive experience that they want to share it with others. That’s a powerful statement. 92% of customers believe word of mouth recommendations over all forms of advertising, according to Nielsen. This is your opportunity to harvest it.

Be Informational

Teach your attendees something they didn’t know before the conference. They should walk away with takeaways so they are excited to sell!

be informationalGive your attendees bite-sized takeaways that are easy to digest. This type of information is easily shareable and memorable. Takeaways make attendees more likely to remember the value of your event, book your next event, become a brand advocate, and bring someone with them next time.

Spread Brand Awareness

Provide attendees with branded promotional items and experiences they can share in the physical world and on social.

Brand building is one of the top objectives for investing in event marketing so increase your virality by hosting highly shareable events. At this year’s conference Acesse hosted a Greek cocktail party, a Las Vegas show, a concert and an opportunity to ride the highest Ferris Wheel in the world – the High Roller! Each event provided a unique opportunity for attendees to share their experience with those outside the conference.

Ask for Feedback

You have a captive audience! Ask for customer engagement through a survey.

feedback64% of Marketers in the Regalix survey said customer engagement is a top objective of hosting an event. Engagement is key, but the event planner must provide the opportunity to provide that feedback. Surveys and online polls are two ways to do that.


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