Tweet with Science to Get Retweeted More

Get more retweets with scienceRetweeted More is a free online tool created by researchers backed by the National Science Foundation and Google to create “the perfect tweet”. There is an interactive tool, a 25 question quiz, and a paper that takes you through all of the science, but what it boils down to is something authors and marketers have known for years…

content matters.

The Retweeted More tool is set up for A/B content testing but, instead of the traditional method of creating two sets of content that you test on different sets of live users, this tool runs your copy through an algorithm to provide you with a scientifically improved tweet.

Retweeted More Tool

On average, the tool accurately predicted the correct outcome 67% of the time, while humans only predicted the correct answer 61% of the time. But, before you ask yourself, “where can I get this tool?”, keep in mind that changing behavior was not calculated in. Although this tool may help you in the short term, if everyone used this tool, it would degrade the effectiveness. So, what’s the solution? Instead of using the tool, learn the content and social rules and when it works for your personal or company brand to break the rules.

Originally written for Acesse Corporation’s blog.


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