7 Ways to Get More Retweets

be more retweetable


Retweet More is a recently developed tool that was developed “to predict which version of the “same” announcement an author should choose to get more attention.” In other words, it evaluates content, and tells you which is more retweetable. But, having good content alone isn’t enough, which is why I’ve put together 7 Ways to More Retweets.

1. Know your network

What are they interested in, what’s their communication style? The content you create needs to resonate with your audience. Are they serious or do they appreciate humor? Do they appreciate bold speech or refined eloquence?

2. Talk about topics that resonate with your audience

One of the best ways to do this on Twitter is through hashtag research. It doesn’t need to be currently trending for a hashtag to have power.

3. Know when your audience is online

Test your messaging at different times of day and different days of the week to see when engagement is highest for you. Twitter has a built in analytics tool that can help you track your engagement at different times a day.

4. Be authentic

Although humor was included as part of this study in bettering content, I’d argue that it depends on your personal/company voice. Make sure your writing fits your brand voice. If you’re a serious brand, humor might be a misstep.

5. Be engaging

Be informative, lead with data including using numbers and percentages. Ask your audience questions. Respond to interaction. Twitter is a two-way communication platform, so have a conversation, don’t just push content.

6. Include imagery

Imagery in the Twitterfeed increases engagement between 3-5%. Create or find images to complement your words and make an impact.

7. Be influential or find influential users to help spread your message.

Using Twitter handles to publicly address influencers is a good way to leverage this finding. Following influential users often leads to influential users following you as well.

Expert tip: If you’re starting your tweet with a Twitter handle and you want it to be public, use .@ instead of @ it will publicize your tweet to your twitter following, not just respond to the handle.

Originally written for Acesse Corporation’s blog.


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