Small Business Mobile Friendly

Small Business Week: Mobile Friendly Websites

In honor of Small Business Week we are featuring technology tips that will help you build a successful business.

The Internet is at your customers’ fingertips no matter where they are in the world thanks to mobile technology. It has never been more important to have a mobile optimized website for your small business. Here are 5 reasons why a mobile friendly website is a must-have.

Boosted Credibility

In the 1960s if you were in the phonebook, your business was credible. In the 2000s, if your website was online it increased your business’ credibility. Today, having a mobile optimized website boosts a business’ credibility to the next level. This is especially true if the website was professionally created.

Better User Experience

Having a mobile friendly website improves user experience. Mobile ready websites shift the content so that the user can view it easier on a smaller screen. This change in presentation creates a better user experience for your customers. You can see the differences between a standard website and a mobile-friendly website on mobile below.

Mobile friendly vs. unmobile friendly

Increased Engagement

Mobile friendly websites offer customers additional features than their computer counterparts, like interactive maps and click-to-call. These features increase the likelihood of customer engagement, whether they drive to your store or call to learn more. According to eStara, the click-to-call feature increases the likelihood that a customer will contact a company by 88%, while reducing website abandonment by 22-25%.

Improved Search Rank

Google recently updated its algorithm to prioritize mobile friendly websites over websites that have not been optimized. Our blog post “Now Critical: Mobile-Friendly Websites” gives more in-depth information on this change provides a link to test your website to see if it meets Google’s optimization requirements.

Update: Bing/Yahoo have also made a similar update to their algorithm to prioritize mobile friendly websites over those that are not.

Enhanced Discovery

If you are a small business with a physical location (brick and mortar) having a mobile friendly website is even more important. According to ReachLocal, 3 out of 5 people search for local businesses on their mobile devices. This number will only go up with the development of beacon technology.

As the world continues to become more interconnected, mobile friendly websites are a must have for businesses whether you are an entrepreneur just founding a start-up, a small business focused on growth or an established Big Box Store.


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