First steps in video marketing

The First Steps In Video Marketing

82% confirmed that videos had a positive impact on their business, according to ReelSEO. This leaves little room for doubt that video marketing can be effective, but how do you use a video to promote your business once the video is filmed and edited? This blog looks at different video marketing tactics you can use to create a positive impact for your business.

What Type of Videos Do You Have?

Start by defining the type of video(s) you created and plan to create. Different videos can be used in different ways. Most videos fall into the following categories:

  • Brand video
  • Product teaser video
  • Promotional video
  • Product demo/tutorial video
  • Event/Presentation video

Choose a Video Marketing Platform

Next, establish which video marketing platform you will use. Are you going to use Vimeo, YouTube, YouKu, Niko Niko Doga, or a combination? Where are your customers? Which video platforms are they using? Let the answers to these questions guide your decision on which video marketing channel to choose.

Pro Tip: Vimeo allows you to update your video without changing the link, whereas YouTube updates a new link each time you update a video. If you edit/update your videos often, Vimeo might be a better platform for you so you and those who have shared your video don’t end up with broken links on previous versions of your videos.

Create a Video Channel and Upload Your Videos

Create your own video channel on the video platform of your choice. Then upload your videos.

Pro Tip: Be sure to upload the video script too to add SEO value.

Create Playlists

Look to see if  you can create playlists on the video marketing platform you chose to categorize the different types of videos. If you create promotional videos and tutorials, playlists can split these up so that your customers can view what aligns with their interests. If they want to learn about why they should choose your product, you’ll want them to watch the promotional videos, but if they have your product and want to learn how to use it, the step-by-step how to product demo video are a better fit for your customer.

Pro Tip: Create your playlists based on what your customers and potential customers are looking for and what will help move them from awareness to purchase.

Use Your Video in Your Marketing

Now that you have uploaded videos on your video marketing channel and have playlists, you can link to your video channel, playlist, video or even embed a video so it appears as a native part of your blog, website, social media channel, email, or sales presentation.

Originally written for the Acesse Blog.


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