3 Steps to The Perfect Ad

Step 1: Speak to your Audience

Know who the decision maker is and target them with your messaging and imaging. This may or may not be your consumer. For example, you are a pediatric dentist your customer and decision-maker is the parent even though the patient and consumer is the child. In this case, you may want to consider dual messaging, like sponsoring a coloring contest. The coloring contest attracts and keeps the child’s attention but the sponsorship messaging can target the parent.

Step 2: Grab their Attention

You have 5-30 seconds to catch and hold your audience’s attention. Do this through an eye-catching headline and visual.

Step 3: Inspire Action

Know your advertising objective and ask your audience to take action. Is your goal to drive people to your website, like your Facebook page, to learn more about your customer (fill out a form), call your office to make an appointment. Your call-to-action should ask viewers to take action to reach your goal.


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