9 Free Google Tools Your Practice Needs

Google has become more than a search engine. Google now hosts a powerhouse of free tools for businesses. We will cover the top Google tools in this article that every business of any size should own and why.

1. Gmail

Even if you’re not planning to use it, your business needs it. Why? Because you’ll need an account to set up your other Google Tools.

2. Google Plus

Google Plus is more than a Facebook lookalike. Although there is no proof, many digital marketers believe that having a profile will help your Google search rank.

3. Google Analytics

Google analytics is a free tool to track your website traffic. Tracking your website traffic will help you monitor if your advertising is effective and driving patients and potential patients to your site. It can also help you see seasonal trends.

4. Google Alerts

Ever wonder if people are talking about you and your business? Set up Google Alerts for your business to see when your business, competitors, and business leaders are in the news so you can respond accordingly.

5. Google Business/Brand Page

Get found in local search! Set up your Google Business Page to ensure that your company is being represented accurately on the web. You can add photos, office hours, and other valuable information to your Business Page. Google will verify your business over the phone or via a code sent through direct mail to your office. Bing has a similar process.

6. Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools ensures that your website is being crawled by Google Bots and Google knows that your website exists, which can only help your ranking. Submit your sitemap, set your URL preference, and other useful tools for search rank. You will want to resubmit your sitemap after any big website change and ask Google to recrawl your URLs. Google Webmaster Tools also offers course and guides to help you through this process.

7. Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a great resource not only for advertising your business on Google, but also for doing keyword research for your website. Powered by your Google Adword research you can help patients looking for your services online find your business more easily by the way your website copy is written.

8. Google Drive

Google Drive is great for storing documents for collaboration. Google Docs and Google Sheets show real time edits and can be accessed by multiple parties at once eliminating the need for versioning and multiple emails back and forth.

9. Google More

Google offers a variety of other products that may be helpful for your business such as Google Website Builder, Tag Manager, Calendar, Blogger, Customized Search, Trends, Scholar, Voice, Keep, Forms, YouTube, Domains, and a variety of other products. Google is a great place to start for startups or companies integrating digital into its marketing plan.

**This blog was originally posted in an OMS Specialists eNewsletter**


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