About Sara Summers

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I am the founder of SKS Marketing Consultants. I started SKS Marketing Consultants to help businesses reach their customers and increase their revenue. We assess each business and develop a plan that will work for their specific goals and needs.

I have developed and lead global marketing initiatives, established and cultivated national social media programs, tripled a non-profit’s event revenue, and increased annual revenue by over 15% in a single year. These successes were achieved through a strategic combination of digital marketing, referral marketing, event marketing, advertising, and a variety of other marketing tactics to reach the right customers, in the right way, at the right time through creative execution.

Your business is as unique as you. Who you are, what drives you, and your goals as an owner and as a business matter. SKS Marketing Consultants can help you achieve success in a way that makes sense for your industry, company and you as an individual.

Email us to set up a free consultation.

SKS Marketing Consultants

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