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A Guide to Advanced Facebook Insights: Analytics and Actions

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This is the third of a four article series on Facebook Insights. The first article, “An Guide to Understanding Facebook Insights” covered the ins and outs of what Facebook Insights is, what questions can be answered by each report, and the beginning stages of how to manipulate the data. The second article on Facebook Insights, “Turning Facebook Insights Into Action” discussed how to convert the data and graphs on the People and Posts Tabs into actionable steps to improve your Facebook Business Page. In this article we’ll cover more advanced analytic extrapolation of how to turn the data from the Likes, Reach, and Visits Tabs (arguably the most important Tabs) into valuable actions for your small business.

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Convert Facebook Insights into Action

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Sherlock Holmes was a great detective, not because he could find and identify evidence at the scene, but because of his deductive reasoning and ability to look at information and take action in order to solve crimes. In the same way, a good Facebook Analyst is familiar with Facebook Insights,  understands Facebook Insights’ Terms, and perhaps even uses Facebook Insights for reporting trends. But, a GREAT Facebook analyst uses that data to create actionable items to improve their company’s Business Page.

So how do you convert Facebook Insights into action? In this article, I’ll explain how to convert Facebook Insights on two of the most interesting reports – the People Tab and Post Tab – and turn that information into action.

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