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3 Things you “Know” about Twitter are Wrong

I had a conversation with an associate this week about Twitter. He uses Twitter on a regular basis for both his own personal use and to promote his business. But, he had some false assumptions about his interactions on Twitter. It made me realize that although you may be on Twitter, you may not fully understand how public your messages truly are. Here are four Twitter privacy tips to help you better understand Twitter and prevent you from making a mistake you may regret.

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7 Ways to Get More Retweets

be more retweetable


Retweet More is a recently developed tool that was developed “to predict which version of the “same” announcement an author should choose to get more attention.” In other words, it evaluates content, and tells you which is more retweetable. But, having good content alone isn’t enough, which is why I’ve put together 7 Ways to More Retweets.

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Tweet with Science to Get Retweeted More

Get more retweets with scienceRetweeted More is a free online tool created by researchers backed by the National Science Foundation and Google to create “the perfect tweet”. There is an interactive tool, a 25 question quiz, and a paper that takes you through all of the science, but what it boils down to is something authors and marketers have known for years…

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