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Can Your Customers Find You Online?

Can your customers find you? 80% of consumers use search engines to find local product & service information.

Take a minute to Google your business’ name. When you look at the results does it give you the option to “Claim your Business” as you see in the example below? Continue reading Can Your Customers Find You Online?


What If The Internet Was Broadcast Only?

2 out of 3 people do not have access to the Internet throughout the world. Outernet recently joined the mission to bring the Internet to the 3 billion without it. But there’s a catch, Outernet’s solution, Lighthouse, is broadcast only – the Internet without interactivity. It’s uncertain how much interactivity is restricted, if its just uploading user generated content, or engagement through surveys, forms etc. But what if it’s the latter, what would this mean to us as marketers? What if instead of offering interactivity the Internet just pushed information at you, like the television or the newspaper?

Most Internet users would agree that the magic and the power of the Internet is the interactivity it offers. The ability to connect with friends, family, or form relationships with new and perspective customers. So how would the entering of a population who only had access to one-way communication through the Internet effect the digital marketing world? Continue reading What If The Internet Was Broadcast Only?

Google+ Collections’ Small Business FAQ

What are Google Plus Collections?

According to Google, you create Collections of videos, photos and links based on your interests. Collections are also customizable with a unique name and cover photo. Continue reading for everything you need to know about Collections as a Small Business owner.

Continue reading Google+ Collections’ Small Business FAQ